What, you thought we missed you this week? Nah, the SKETCH Friday post should be up shortly, we just had to add some other cool stuff first!

Like, for example, Red Handed Studios Presents: Talon and other stories!

That’s a 60 page perfect bound trade featuring a whole bunch of cool stories we’ve been itching to get out to the fans and just haven’t been able to before now. We’ve got Talon the way it was always meant to be, in FULL COLOR! Plus we’ve got Totem, Grace, and the original Dead Reckoning story reworked a bit with corrections and some minor edits! We’ve got a ton of stuff packed in there for you, and all for $12.95! You can’t beat that action! Head on over to the Indyplanet store and pick that baby up now! We will have limited quantities for sale at conventions, but when they’re gone they’re gone so make sure you don’t miss out!

We’ll also be releasing some more cool stuff and some updates here very soon, so stick with us, you won’t be sorry!

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