They killed her family, raped and tortured her and left her for dead. Now, there’s nowhere in the galaxy they can hide.

In the far future, where hundreds of colony worlds have been established across the galaxy, the law is often flexible at best, if it exists at all. Out on the frontier folks do the best they can to survive on harsh worlds with little assistance, and are easy targets for the various outlaws who follow no code, and kill as much for fun as profit. These outlaws fear no court or lawman, but they do fear a ruthless bounty hunter named E.B. Parker.

Ellabeth is famous for two things; her speed with a pair of custom Amnity Arms 3000 Pacifiers, and her ability to bring down the toughest, most dangerous criminals in the colonies. She’s rattlesnake mean, unrelenting in her pursuit of a bounty, and doesn’t bother much with the ‘alive’ portion of ‘wanted: dead or alive’. After all, dead’s easier.

Dead Reckoning is the newest title coming out from Red Handed Studios, and will be a series of stand alone original graphic novels starring the beautiful and deadly Ellabeth Parker. Brought to brutal life by Cary Kelley and Scottie Ray Watson, this sci-fi western series will come out of the gate firing and never let up! Coming this fall to fans and stores everywhere!

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